7 Profitable Blogging For Business Key Strategies

In terms of blogging for business, there is one major question that springs to mind.  And that is can you exactly acquire instant and sustainable long term profits?   The fact remains there are many local and small businesses around not blogging.  Some are not even aware of its huge potential to boost their bottom line. With that in mind, I’m about to reveal 7 profitable tips.

But before I go any further, blogging for business is not just about generating profits.  You also need to know  How To Write Good Blog Content and create a site in the first instance.

But how do you go about creating a blog…….if you don’t already have one?

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For long term business success, effective blogging plays a key role.

To create your site, you require a quality blog platform. I personally use “Wordpress” platform and my experience of using it so far is flawless.  What I like most about it is the fact that it offers many flexible features, easy to use and I have full control of my site.  There are of course other platforms online (like Bloggers, Typepad) to choose from, but WordPress is highly regarded as the best one available.  So, here are quick steps to creating a blog using WordPress.

Step 1 – Get A Domain Name

Go to Hostgator and scroll down to the very bottom of the page.  Then select ‘Domain Names’ option. If you are not aware, a ‘Domain’ is a site address (For example… www.whatever.com).   You need to choose one that’s available and register it.

Make sure you choose and register a Domain Name that relates to your business.  And also ensure it includes a keyword phrase you want to rank for in the search engines.  This makes it easier for your target market to find you online when you are blogging for business.

Step 2 – Choose A Web Hosting Plan

From the Hostgator website, you also have to select a ‘Hosting Plan’.  This is about getting your site live or activated on the internet.   I use Hostgator myself.

Now click on ‘View Web Hosting Plans’ and choose either Hatchling, Baby or Business Plan. Then follow the next simple set of instructions to complete your order.  Enter shevnettSF as a promo code and get 25% discount.

 Step 3 – Install WordPress 

If you fancy the challenge, you can easily do the installation yourself like I did.  If not, simply get on the phone or use the online Live Chat Box provided by Hostgator.

When you get a representative online, just let them know you want to install WordPress platform for your blog. They will hold you by the hand and easily walk you through the process. (If they don’t, please feel free to email me).

Sometimes, I use the live chat box myself to contact the company and they are always very helpful.  Once the WordPress installation is done, ask them for your login details.

Step 4 – WordPress Login

After you’ve logged into your WordPress platform, you now have to make some changes before you start blogging for business.  And I mean making sure certain things are in order before you even begin posting.

You can check some free tutorials at….http://www.hostgator.com/tutorials.  Alternatively for another easy-to-follow tutorials, visit….http://bloggingyourpassion.com/university.  Both sites really provide simple tutorials.

Providing you have a blog for your business, here are 7 profitable blogging tips to implement……

Note: Whether you own a local or small business, any of these income strategies can be applied one way or the other.  Although, some can be applied immediately whilst others are best applied as your blog progresses.  You might just want to focus on a specific income stream or perhaps not…it’s entirely up to you.

(1) Use Google Adsense

Register your blog with ‘Google Adsense’ program.  It’s free to join! This is massively a proven way of generating income not just instantly but residually.  So, how does it work?  Once you’ve registered, you’ll be given coded image or text ads to paste on your blog.  This will be directly relevant to your business and target audience.  And when your site visitors click on a relevant image or text ad, you instantly get paid per click by Google.

This is highly regarded as one of the best routes to earning ongoing profit when blogging for business.  Because every time a visitor clicks an ‘Adsense’ on your blog, you will continue to get paid.  And it could lead to a nice monthly residual income if you are generating huge traffic to your blog.  You simply set it up once for free and earn continuously.  You can sign-up at….http://www.google.com/adsense

 (2) Apply Affiliate Marketing

With this strategy, you promote on your blog the products or services of other businesses in your niche. You will be provided with a unique personalised affiliate or image link by a seller to paste on your blog. When someone clicks your affiliate link, they are then directed to the seller’s website.  If they buy something, you instantly earn commission for every sale.  Your business blogging success could really hit the roof with this method.

For example, you can visit ‘Amazon’ website and register as their Affiliate or Associate for free!  They will automatically give you a unique promotional link. Then start promoting ‘Amazon’ offers on your blog that are directly relevant to your target audience.  You can effectively promote a variety of offers overtime and this will substantially create ongoing income streams.

 (3) Participate In Banner Exchanges

Banner exchanges certainly plays a profitable role whilst blogging for business.  Because if your site is getting decent  traffic, you could swap banner ads with other businesses in your market or niche.  In other words, someone puts your banner on their high traffic site and vice-versa.  It’s a win, win situation for both parties. There are banner exchange networks online (e.g……www.neobanners.com,   www.thebannerexchange.com)

(4) Promote In Article Directories

With this method, you regularly write articles relating to your target market.  Freely submit to high traffic article directories (such as….http://ezinearticles.com).  Then paste a link in each article that directs readers back to your blog.  If directed visitors end up buying offers on your blog, you make money instantly once again.

(5) Apply CPA & CPM

CPA (Cost Per Action) is when visitors on your site take specific action such as filling in a form regarding a survey or free offers.  And for every CPA ad on your blog, you get paid per action. With CPM (Cost Per Impression), you earn commission for every 1000 times an ad is displayed on your site.  To participate, you have to register with suitable ad networks (For instance…..www.cj.com,  www.shareasale.com)

(6) Join Chitika Network 

Chitika Ad Network is seriously a major profitable avenue for any business with blogging aspirations.  This is a type of PPC (Pay Per Click).  You earn commission every time your site visitors click a PPC advert on your blog.  They provide various revenue streams.  Certainly for any local or small business owner, this is a great opportunity.  To signup, visit….www.Chitika.com.

(7) Sell Your Own Stuff

And of course, you can directly market  your own products or services to monetize your blog.  By drawing quality targeted traffic to your site, you will build credibility, acquire referrals and elevate the exposure of your offers.  For instance you can sell your own downloadable products (such as e-books) suited to your target audience.  You can regularly sell your own physical products or services.

Perhaps, you can directly promote joint venture deals to other businesses in your niche through your site.  You could even Build An Email List of loyal subscribers and periodically email valuable offers to them for a big payday!

Membership subscription service is probably another option to consider.  For example, a local or small business owner providing aerobic classes can set up an online version of it. This could be provided in video series. Then charge online subscribers a monthly fee to earn residual income.

My Final Words

As you can see, blogging for business provides many profitable or income generating possibilities.  I hope you make use of this piece of information to enhance your success.  And you can also check my article about tips on How To Write Good Blog Posts.  What are your thoughts about this particular post?  Please feel free to leave your valuable comment.

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