Why Website Live Chat is Useful for Your Advertising Campaigns!

Website Live Chat For Local BusinessesAre you paying for visitors to your local business website? Do you spend on Press Advertising, Google Adwords (Pay Per Click) or other ways to get customers? If so, consider having interactive ‘Live Chat’ support on your website. But why is this useful for your advertising campaigns? Continue reading

Key Benefits of Claiming Your Yelp Business Listing Page

Claiming Yelp Business Listing PageHave you claimed your business listing page on Yelp website and do you know the major benefits of doing so? If you are not aware of this site, it’s a huge online local directory where customers go to write a review about the local businesses they visit or use. See here why claiming your Yelp page is so important for your growth… Continue reading

Video Marketing Key Traffic Methods to Skyrocket Sales!

Local Business Video MarketingWhether you already have a video for your local business or you are considering the idea as part of your marketing strategies, you need hot traffic to your video. There are of course a number of ways out there to achieve this. But here are 2 major traffic methods to skyrocket video conversions.

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How To Use Local Video Marketing To Generate Business!

How To Use Local Video Marketing To Generate BusinessAs a local business owner, you are probably aware that video marketing can skyrocket your sales. But maybe you are dilly dallying whether to jump on board or don’t know how to use it effectively in business? Perhaps you need some guidance? Then check this out. Continue reading

Why Mobile Optimised Website is a Top Priority

Mobile Website DesignMore than ever before, having a mobile optimised website for business is not an option, but now an absolute priority. Consumers these days highly visit the internet via their mobile phones in search for products, information and services. With that in mind, there are some key questions to seriously address…


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