How to Provide ‘Live Chat’ Effectively on Your Website

website live chat for local businessesIf you are looking to provide ‘Live Chat’ support on your website or open to the idea of setting one up, this will help you get started. There are of course a number of ways to convert more website visitors into customers and this is certainly one of the useful options out there that’s worth considering.

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Why Website Live Chat is Useful for Your Advertising Campaigns!

Website Live Chat For Local BusinessesAre you paying for visitors to your local business website? Do you spend on Press Advertising, Google Adwords (Pay Per Click) or other ways to get customers? If so, consider having interactive ‘Live Chat’ support on your website. But why is this useful for your advertising campaigns? Continue reading

How To Reduce Bounce Rate And Gain More Customers!

One major route to gaining more customers is to reduce bounce rate on your website. Unfortunately, it’s something several businesses fail to achieve online and why they struggle as a result.  For that reason, this post is about addressing the issue, so that you can highly boost your conversions.  Continue reading

What Is QR Code And How Can It Benefit Your Business?

The great thing about marketing online is the flow of new opportunities that continue to emerge for business growth. QR code is another emerging marketing method now gathering serious momentum online.   So, what is QR code and how can you benefit from it as a local or small business owner? Continue reading