Easy Ways To Vastly Improve Your Email Open Rate?

Are you looking to dramatically improve your email open rate?  There are simple and proven ways to do it and take your business forward.  Even though people nowadays put up some formidable spam filters that tend to take even the important emails and junk them.  But as the saying goes, “where there is a will, there is a way”.

And highly increasing the number of subscribers opening your emails can really be achieved by applying the following strategies….

Eliminate Spam Filter:  The first thing is to learn how to overcome the dreaded spam filter in order to improve your email marketing open rate.  You need to ensure that your emails actually get to the people they are sent to. Things like spam filter breakers and a specific phrasing helper will allow you to sidestep most spam filters.  In addition, always inform any new subscribers to your Mailing List to add your email address to their contact list. So they can certainly receive your future emails in their inbox.

Hook Your Subscribers: Once you get your emails to their intended recipients, you have to hook the subscribers. And that means applying skillfully worded email subject lines that are compelling.  A good subject line will entice people to actually open your email rather than simply dumping it into the delete category. People online usually read sentences from left to right.  For that reason, make the first three words in your subject line particularly interesting to immediately captivate your audience.

Apply Urgency And Curiousity: Two ways that will make a subject line more appealing is to use urgency and curiosity. Urgency creates a time sensitive situation and these calls to action can certainly improve your email open rate. Teasing the email recipient and peaking their interest is an excellent way to draw them in to reading the email.

Create Controversy:  Raise a few eyebrows by using controversy in your subject line as a way of engaging people. While you can easily go overboard here, hitting on a hot button issue can really ramp up the level of people opening your emails.

Find Your Perfect Delivery Time:  Do thorough testing to find the perfect time to send out your emails and stick to it consistently.  This way your email subscribers come to expect it. Certainly this will increase your email marketing open rate.  Just bear in mind that most people work during the day. I personally consider around 9.30am or between 2pm and 4pm (Tuesday to Thursday) as the best times to send out B2B emails.  And for B2C emails, around 5pm – 8pm (Tuesday to Thursday) or between Friday evening and Sunday afternoon.

A laptop with mailbox next to it, representing email open rate demo

Perfect delivery time simply gets more people to read your emails

Apply First Sentence Effectively:  Although an engaging headline will tempt people to open an email.  But are you aware of the significance of the first sentence inside your email?  Well, people will be further lured into opening and reading your emails if the initial sentence is as captivating as your headline.  Just before the initial paragraph, you can even paste a link behind a logo.  So that if someone clicks on the logo, they can then be directed to a newsletter on your website.

Provide Exclusivity To Subscribers:  Whenever possible, offer exclusive information or offers to your subscribers. And I mean providing stuff you don’t have available on your site or anywhere else.  For instance, you can give away quality e-books. This will add more value to your subscription service and therefore your email open rate will increase.

Use A Cliff-hanger:  And what exactly does this mean?  When you email subscribers, talk about any irresistible offers or valuable information you have coming up in the next email.  But without necessarily giving the game away!  As a result, every email open rate will be high.  Because psychologically your subscribers will always be waiting in anticipation.

Build Positive Relationships:  Develop excellent rapport with your email subscribers and get to know them well enough to fulfil their needs. Always provide something valuable and relevant to their subscription. Treat your audience as friends rather than a constant sales funnel. Bombarding them with frequent sales promotions is irritating and must by all means be avoided.  As a consequence, more people will read your emails.

By consistently applying the above email open rate strategies combined with effective Email List Building will seriously take your business to the next level. Anything you would like to say on the subject matter?  Your comment would be appreciated.

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