How Local Businesses Can Lower Their Pay Per Click Rates

Google Site On Computer Screen Representing Pay Per Click AdvertisingTo market business online, there are some key strategies to implement in order to achieve a highly successful and cost-effective campaign. The purpose of this article is to show you step- by- step how to lower your pay per click rates with Google Adwords. And at the same time, I’m also going to reveal exactly how you can dominate your competition.

But before I go any further, what exactly is Google Adwords?   

This is the pay per click (ppc) advertising program run by Google.  And it offers a great way to grow your own local business if set up properly.  The way it works, you place small classified adverts with Google.   Your ads will then appear either at the very top or by the right hand side of their search result page.

Internet Screenshot Of Google Pay Per Click Advertising

Your adverts are triggered to be seen by visitors searching for the specific keywords that you choose for your ads campaign.   “keywords” are simply the words people will type into their internet browser to search for information.  However, you won’t pay for your ads unless a visitor clicks the link in your advert and visits your website.  In other words….no clicks, no charge.  And the good thing is if a person visits your site and becomes your customer, it helps your business to grow.  Although, your google pay per click advertising costs for your campaign will vary, depending on your chosen keywords.

Let me give an example of precisely the way it works….

Assuming a person runs a “Hairdresser” business in the local area “Romford”.   They could set up a Google Adwords advertising account so that every time someone types in “Hairdresser Romford”,  their advert shows up on the right hand side of Google page.  The ad could look something like this:

Hairdresser Romford
We cut mens and women’s hair
20% off first haircut with us

Let’s say someone clicks on the above advert, they are then taken to the business web site.   The above is just a typical example of a “ppc” ads campaign.  And you can use the same kind of approach to set up your own local business ads campaign.

So, how can you lower your pay per click costs….for your ads campaign?

You have to choose the most relevant keywords for your business.   The more relevant keywords you go for, the lower your advertising costs.  And you have to bid for your selected keywords with Google.  And once your bidding rate gets approved, your advert can then be placed on their website for exposure.  Just like the screen example below….

Google Pay Per Click Advertising Screenshot Sample

You can choose dozens of relevant keywords that you want for your advert.  Once again, let’s use the example of a “Hairdresser” based in “Romford”.   We could choose relevant keywords such as:

Hairdressers In Romford

Romford Hairdressers

Hairdressers Romford

Women’s Hairdressers Romford

Men’s Barbers Romford

The crucial thing here is to have a different advert for every relevant keyword. Take a look at the sample adverts below, again based on using the area “Romford” as an example.

(A) Keyword: Hairdressers In Romford

Hairdressers In Romford
We cut mens and womens hair
20% off first haircut with us

(B) Keyword: Romford Hairdressers

Romford Hairdressers
We cut mens and womens hair
first haircut, 20% off

Remember, the above are just typical examples of adverts.   And you can use the same principle to set up an ads campaign for your own local business.

The above example also shows that we are matching a keyword we are bidding on with an advert that matches that keyword.  By doing this, you are showing Google that you are relevant to what the person searching Google has looked for and they will reward you with lower pay per click rates.  Isn’t that great?

Want to reduce your costs even more?

Send people who click on one of your adverts to a web page on your site that is directly relevant to the advert.  For instance, assuming someone searches for “Personal Trainer” in the area “Romford”. And you happen to be a Personal Trainer in Romford, you might set up an ad that says:

Personal Trainer  Romford
Get in the best shape of your
life.  Free First Session

If someone clicks on that ad, they are taken to a web page that contains that specific keyword “Personal Trainer Romford” a few times. (along with your prices and contact details of course).  As a result, you’ll certainly lower your ad costs. Google will absolutely reward you for more relevance.

The key is to match up the chosen keyword with an advert consisting of that keyword.  And if you send people who click on that ad to a specific web page that contains that same keyword, you will dramatically reduce your pay per click rates.  Google will simply rank you higher in the ppc listings for being the most relevant.  And that means you can generate more customers and dominate your competition.

To market business online, Google Adwords PPC program is highly regarded as one of the most popular and productive means of advertising.  I hope you find this post beneficial. Here is More Information On PPC which is indeed very valuable. Have a look at it, take care!


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