How to Build An Email List Effectively For Business Growth

Envelopes flowing into a man's hand on screen - build an email list demoDo you own a small business and you are wondering How To Build An Email List?  You probably think this is a difficult process. However, it is only a complicated process if you lack the necessary skills to create the list you need.    Thus, let me outline some methods to help you  build an effective business email list.

(1) Offer Fresh Original Content

Keep your website content fresh.  This is a major step often lacking why some local or small businesses find it so difficult to build an email list. To market business online with this strategy, you need to produce current up-to date content.  And if you do, people will be more inclined to sign up to your email list. Because you’ll develop more trust and rapport with your audience by providing regular unique content on your website.  Besides, regular content will bring new visitors to your site.  And as a result, you’ll consistently generate subscribers to your email list.

(2) Properly Position Sign-up Form

Make your mailing list sign-up form visible on your site. Paste it at the top left or right hand side of your homepage. And why’s this so important? Well, by making the form easily seen, your audience do not have to scroll down a page to find it. Also include an appealing graphic (close to the sign-up form) that will attract attention when potential subscribers visit your page.  The more obvious your form appears on your site, the easier it is to generate sign-ups!  And if you are directing people to a single “Sales Page” on your site, make sure you add a sign-up form.  So that if people don’t buy something instantly, they can easily subscribe to receive ‘Follow Up’ Messages.

(3) Paste Email Form On All Pages

Do not limit your email list sign up form to one web page. Post it on more than one page if not on all pages.  You can add the sign up form at the end of an article so if your customers want to subscribe it is readily available.  By using this strategy, you will definitely build an email list fast!

(4) Provide “Freebies” On Your Form

How about offering incentives?  As a rule of thumb, give your customers or potential customers irresistible incentives.  Customers like free items.  Offer a freebie on your sign-up form. For instance, you can give them a quality free e-book, coupon or a chance to win a prize in a sweepstakes. It’s about making your email subscription appealing to your customers. Make them want to subscribe by offering them something valuable that they need. This is certainly one of  the oldest tricks in the book on how to build an email list fast. So, put it into action for great results.

Build An Email List Concept Image

(5) Use ‘Forward To A Friend’ Option

Use email ‘forward to a friend’ function. Be careful about directly asking your current subscribers to have their family and friends subscribe to your email. Since you run the risk that they may unsubscribe from your newsletter.  If your email provider has the forward to a friend function, use that option instead. And make sure your URL link is in your newsletter. Now can you imagine how powerful this is? Well, as one person willingly forwards your newsletter to another, your list will grow faster.

(6) Register With Relevant Forums

Register with online forums that are specifically relevant to your niche. Then add your email listings or a related URL (also known as signature file) to any messages you post. Make sure that this is acceptable with forum administrators before you do it.  Putting this into action will surely give you more publicity and help build your email list for free!

(7) Highly Provide Repetitive Exposure

Never shy away from advertising your website email list building information at every opportunity you get. Just paste it anywhere possible and repetitively. Because repetition works wonders. And a constant reminder to your target audience encourages more people to sign-up. The key point is the more exposure you give your email lead capture form, the faster you effectively build your list.

To learn more, you can watch a quick Video Series on How To Build An Email List.  This will really help your business develop a large customer base. So, check out the videos. Until next time!

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