How To Learn SEO Properly

If you want to properly learn SEO, you might be wondering exactly where to start.  Perhaps you find SEO intimidating and are just looking for ways to easily learn the subject. Then let me share with you some valuable tips that can put you on the right track.

There are of course different ways you can learn Search Engine Optimisation for business growth. You are probably already overwhelmed with information on it. But the following is what I consider to be the right approach:

1. Begin With SEO Books

Start to learn SEO from books.  As this provides you with simple logical steps to follow and gradually develop your skill.   I remember clearly before I started doing my own SEO, I was receiving so many emails from experts on the subject matter.  But no easy step-by-step guide to learn from.  And I was really frustrated by the idea of having to put so many pieces together from  different emails received.  So, start with books to effectively master the basics before you move on to more advanced stuff.

There are some really good SEO books out there you can obtain by researching online.  But three particular books I will personally recommend which are also highly regarded by internet marketers include:

Google Seo Starter Guide

2. Gradually Put Your Learning Into Practise

Any of the above books will provide you with step-by-step guide for learning SEO fundamentals.  However, it’s important to put what you learn into practise as you go along. This way, you can effectively understand how and why things work!

For example, you can learn one topic at a time and practise it on your website.  If you do not want to use your main website, you can always create another one for your experiments.

And whilst learning, avoid information overload. Trust me, I’ve been there and it can be frustrating!  Just gradually combine learning with practising to develop your skill.

A man walking on stairs to demonstrate learning SEO in step-by-step

Study step-by-step from books to first master SEO fundamentals!

3. Attend Forums For Ongoing Development

Once you have mastered the core foundation from books, you can attend relevant forums online to continuously learn SEO.  Some people might say you should initially visit forums to start learning.  I will not recommend this approach.  Because it does not provide you with logical step-by-step learning guide like books.

Although SEO forums have clued up people that you can learn from, but also some beginners.  And if you lack some SEO knowledge, you can easily be wrongly advised by newbies.  So, start your learning curve from books before visiting relevant forums to share and acquire more knowledge.

Please bear in mind that not all forums are equal.  For that reason, be flexible and don’t narrow your choices.  As they say, don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

There are many forums available online for learning SEO.  From the search engine, just search for “Internet Marketing Forums” or “SEO Forums”.  Choose the ones that are constantly updated and where people regularly interact. The more a forum is active, the more help and learning you can get from it.

4. Visit SEO Blogs For Ongoing Development 

To continue developing with d.i.y. SEO, another option is to visit active blogs regularly. Just like forums, the issue with blogs is that they are not equal in content.  Again, you need to be flexible and broaden your options.  Three reputable blogs I can personally recommend include:

5. Meet Local SEO Groups 

“Meet-up” is the biggest network globally for organising local groups with common interest to link up. If you prefer, you can personally meet face-to-face with SEO groups in or around your local area.

Visit their website and search for “Internet Marketing” followed by your local area. Then see what groups come up in or around your location.  The site address is…….

6. Never Stop Learning SEO  

As the internet evolves, it’s important to keep learning, testing and tweaking to stay ahead. You simply need to have the mentality of someone who is prepared to move with the times. Also keep an eye on your business SEO competitors to learn from what they do well.

Personally I enjoy the fact that Search Engine Optimisation is unpredictable and constantly produces new challenges. The thing is once you’ve mastered the core principles, you can easily adapt to changes.

And there are some huge Benefits To Learn SEO yourself as I revealed in another article.  You can check it out!  Finally, what are your thoughts on SEO?  Like me, are you highly in favour of getting the job done yourself?

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