How To Use Local Video Marketing To Generate Business!

How To Use Local Video Marketing To Generate BusinessAs a local business owner, you are probably aware that video marketing can skyrocket your sales. But maybe you are dilly dallying whether to jump on board or don’t know how to use it effectively in business? Perhaps you need some guidance? Then check this out.

I wrote previously about the key benefits of Video Marketing and reasons why local businesses need to embrace it. You can access the article through the link here. But if you would like to discover ways of producing, optimising and using web videos to grow your business, then see the 2 key parts below:

Part 1  –  Script High Converting Videos

Produce your video script with high conversions in mind. Whether you would do it yourself or get and instruct someone else to do it for you, getting this part right is crucial. There is no point having a professional looking video that will not convert targeted traffic into sales. In producing your script, for example….

Create a short character message/story:
This should be about your local business service that emotionally connects with your target market. Make it sound like you are talking or relating directly to them about their needs. You see, people buy on emotion and use logic to justify their buying decision.

Highlight the needs of your prospects:
Your video script should communicate what problem your prospects deeply need fixing. Confirm you have the solution to their problem with your offer. Highlight the key benefits of using your service. Give specific reasons why you are the best choice locally to do business with…..instead of your competition.

Add to your script a clear Call to Action:
Always script the end of your video with a clear ‘Call to Action’. In other words, telling your prospects what action to take e.g. ask them to contact you, click a link in your video to make a purchase, link to your website for more details and so on.

Include highly complementary visuals:
If you add images, photos, sketch scenes, animations etc. (inside your video), ensure they are highly complementary or relevant to your script. This way, you create a message that’s not only engaging, but very easily connects emotionally with your target market.

Provide human voice for your script:
Include a human voiceover or a spokesperson inside your video to narate your script. Because this gives your video more perceived quality, boost your credibility and provides interactive personal touch. Your video will also be more attention-grabbing to viewers. And studies have shown that using this approach even provides better conversion rates.

Keep script and video duration short:
Try not to make the duration of your video too long. Having a web commercial or marketing video of 1 minute duration is usually long enough for high conversions. This equates to approximately 125 – 150 words of script.

Big internet logo on a road which represents the route to local business video marketing success

Route to web-video marketing success certainly requires a powerful script!

Just to re-emphasise, your video script should sound like you are speaking or relating directly to your prospects’ emotional needs. Really trigger their pain points. Then offer your relevant solution to fulfil their needs. Make sure your solution for your prospects is benefit related. In other words, highlight the WIFT (What’s in it for them). And remember to conclude your script with a clear ‘Call to Action’. By creating a (well scripted) video, you will surely be on the road to make very healthy sales.

Part 2  –  Upload & Optimise Your Video

Once you already have a video for your business, you now need to upload and optimise it live for exposure across the web. And more importantly, you require the best online marketing platform for your video.

Upload and optimise on Youtube:
There’s no better platform to upload and optimise your video (for marketing) than on Youtube. As they are currently in the top 3 biggest search engines in the world. If you don’t already have an account, you need to visit to set one up for your business. It’s very easy to do. You’ll find tutorials on Youtube about how to easily set one up. Search on their site using the keywords ‘Set Up Youtube Account’.

Make video keyword-optimised:
Make sure your video uploaded on Youtube is (local keyword–optimised). This means your video-page “Title, Description, Tags etc.” must include keywords relevant to your business industry, locality and offer. Imagine what keyword phrases your prospects will use to search (on the internet) for your type of business? Put yourself in their position. You can do some research to come up with relevant keywords that are 2 or more words long using ‘Google Keyword Planner’ research tool.

Let’s use a Plumber as an example…. 

A local Plumber can optimise their video on Youtube for keywords such as Emergency Plumber (+ Area Name), Plumber (+ Area Name), Blocked Drain in (+ Area Name), Need a Plumber (+ Area Name), Best Plumber in (+ Area Name). I hope these examples give you some ideas to come up with the right keywords for your own local business. Also ask your customers what they searched for online to find your business. Because your customers can provide you with some valuable keywords.

Choose a captivating thumbnail:
Once your video is live on Youtube, they allow you to choose 1 thumbnail out of 3 provided. A thumbnail is a small clickable image of your video that will appear on websites or the internet search results. Select the most eye-catching thumbnail within your Youtube account in order to stand out and effectively attract viewers across the web.

Paste in your video embed code:
Youtube provide ‘Embed Code’ which allows you to paste your video on your site and across the web. This is a very easy process. Search on their site (for tutorials) using the keywords ‘Embed Youtube Video’. The fact is having videos on websites massively increase conversions. So, put your local business video marketing message out there to as many web pages as possible.


If you are not using Video Marketing to grow your local business, there’s no better time to start than right now! There are of course other key strategies for success using this medium which we have not covered in this post. If you need help, please feel free to get in touch. We can certainly set everything up for you if you would rather avoid the burden of doing it yourself. To learn more about the key benefits of using videos and why now, visit the highlighted link above.

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