Internet Banner Advertising – Key Success Tips

Internet banner advertising screen illustrationAre you a small company or local business thinking about incorporating internet banner advertising into your marketing strategy? Banner advertising does cost more than many other types of Internet marketing so care must be taken if you choose to go this route. If you follow certain key strategies, you can make a banner advertising program work for you and watch your business grow as a result.

1. Choose A High Conversion Banner Size: This is important when it comes to internet banner advertising. Bigger is usually better in this situation. Often people will choose the standard banner size which is 486X60.  But studies have shown, these are actually the most ineffective.  So try to choose a different size for better results.

2. Place Banners In Highly Visible Areas On Webpages: Position is of paramount importance when it comes to this type of advertising. Choose where your ad will be placed carefully. Placing an ad to the left of the right scroll bar is an excellent place to position an ad. The top of the page is always good and this doesn’t have to mean the uppermost part of the page either. If your ad runs on the top half, it will be effective. Imagine a web page as a newspaper. As long as your ad is placed above the fold, it will work.

3. Use Rectanglar Banner Shapes: The shape of the online banner advertising is also important. Studies show that rectangles perform the best. Try to ensure they are an integral part of the page layout rather than set off on their own.

4. Position Your Ads Around Low Or No Competition: Place your ads on a page with very few others, so it can stand out. The more ads that are found on a page, the less successful your ad will be. Clutter on a page just irritates a viewer and will have them leaving at a quicker pace. In addition, the viewer is less likely to click on the ad even if he or she does stay.

5. Choose Horizontal Ads For Your Banners: Horizontal ads work better than vertical ones. The reason for this is that people generally read from left to right. They can scan across your ad quickly and easily to see if they are interested. Reading a vertical ad takes more effort so it may be overlooked.

Use these strategies for internet banner advertising and see how your return on investment improves. Besides, this can be a great way to get your brand well known online.

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