Grow Your Business Using Mobile SMS Marketing

If you are not already aware, mobile marketing is hugely popular nowadays. As it provides by far the most effective way to grow your business. You can easily generate a large customer base and regularly achieve high level of sales.

TextMagic is a company that could offer a solution to your mobile SMS marketing needs.  To effectively run SMS campaign, you require the services of a top and reliable platform provider. (More on that later). But firstly, why is this marketing method so effective?

The fact is there are over 5 billion mobile phone users in existence. About 97% of users read SMS text messages they receive. And over 95% messages are read within 10 minutes of being received.  As a result, mobile SMS marketing conversion rate is extremely high.

The point is if you promote offers to people by text message, a very high proportion will read it. People are generally with their mobile phones all the time, wherever they are. And that means, your offers can be easily seen and highly converted into sales. But how can you take full advantage of this powerful marketing method?

As I mentioned earlier, TextMagic is a company that could cater for your business SMS marketing needs. There are of course several other platform providers out there. But it might not be easy choosing the right one for your business. With many unreliable providers around, it’s crucial to be extra careful before making an informed choice. Now the question is……

Why should you trust TextMagic? And why choose them for your SMS campaign? 

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TextMagic has been providing mobile SMS marketing service since 2001. That’s over 10 years credibility to their name with a proven track record. They are located in the UK. And provide highly cost-effective, fast and reliable SMS packages to businesses or clients worldwide.

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They do offer a free trial.  You get the chance to see how their system works. And it’s free to easily set up an account specifically for your mobile SMS marketing campaign.  There’s no contract to sign, which gives you more flexibility as a customer.   And if you do make your first purchase of SMS credits and for some reason you decide to cancel your account, they offer a money back guarantee for any unused credits.

TextMagic provide lead capture Mobile SMS Web Form.  By adding a web form on your website will allow you to generate targeted leads including names and mobile phone numbers of your site visitors. Which means you can build a large database of mobile customers for business growth.

TextMagic provide user-friendly SMS platform. Their messenger system allows you to easily send business SMS text messages from your computer in an instant.  After sending a text message from your computer, it goes directly to your customers’ mobile phones in seconds.   And you can compose text messages of up to 459 characters long.

You can reach large groups of people quickly.  You will also have the option to receive replies to your messages.  Text replies are free and forwarded  to your email address or your account message inbox or both. This allows flexible two-way SMS communications between you and your customers.  And you know what else?

TextMagic have suitable SMS packages for all types of businesses. This means you can seriously generate highly targeted and responsive mobile phone subscribers to grow your business……

You can target Local, Regional, National or International customers. TextMagic provide over 700 mobile networks in 200+ countries.  So, they will certainly offer packages for you that are ideal for your own business to highly target the right mobile customers.  The one problem with most other providers is that their network resources are very limited.

TextMagic SMS prices are extremely low.  For instance, to send a text message online to local or international customers is really cheap.  And their price structure overall is much better than most other providers I have come across.

But how is their customer support?  You can email or telephone a representative of the company.  You can even view video tutorials.  And there are F.A.Q’s (Frequently Asked Questions) in their support area to search for answers to your questions.  In my experience, there is no such thing as the perfect customer support system anywhere and this also applies to TextMagic. But they certainly have a solid system available to help their customers as much as possible.

In conclusion, I would have to say that TextMagic with 10 years stability and proven track record is a top mobile SMS marketing company I highly recommend. So, check them out to evaluate how they deliver quality affordable service. You are just a click away from effectively growing your business.  And remember, a free trial is available.

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