Local Business Video Marketing Benefits and Why Now!

Video Marketing for Local BusinessesHave you jumped on the bandwagon of video marketing for your local business? Are you effectively taking advantage of the massive opportunity it provides? If not, you are easily leaving a lot of money on the table. But what makes this online medium a profitable monster?

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Small Business Email Marketing Biggest Killer Mistake?

For any business, optimising sales should be high on the agenda. Recently a small business owner in my area was chatting with me about his email marketing producing low returns. Then I dropped the bombshell why he has crippling sales volume.  But what is the missing piece in the jigsaw?  I thought I should share it with you. Continue reading

How To Reduce Bounce Rate And Gain More Customers!

One major route to gaining more customers is to reduce bounce rate on your website. Unfortunately, it’s something several businesses fail to achieve online and why they struggle as a result.  For that reason, this post is about addressing the issue, so that you can highly boost your conversions.  Continue reading