Profitable Viral Internet Marketing Tips For Businesses

Viral Marketing Examples - spread of people in dummy format around internet logoHave you ever considered boosting your business profits substantially using viral internet marketing campaign? Well, this marketing technique is generally overlooked online but incredibly powerful to massively boost your business growth if applied in the right way.

And you might be asking yourself, “what exactly is Viral Internet Marketing”?

It’s when your customers, affiliates or other webmasters help you to highly generate unstoppable free online traffic to your website.   That’s right, you will receive quality targeted traffic to your site that “cannot be stopped” once effectively put into action.

Viral Internet Marketing Flow Chart

The process allows you to easily create a buzz and spread brand awareness about your business all over the internet.  This is simply a very powerful “Word Of Mouth” advertising triggered by other people on your behalf.

Now let me give you some typical viral marketing examples.  So you can have a better understanding of how the process works….and how your business can really benefit from it.

Webmail  Method

Let me use Hotmail as a prime example.  They effectively used viral internet marketing tactics to achieve massive overnight success.  The reason being every time someone sends an email, an advert appears automatically at the bottom of the page.  So, what’s great about this method?

The ad encourages people to sign up to a free Hotmail account and spread the word to others.  Suddenly, it’s big news all over the internet.   Assuming every user recommends 10 other people, after 5 generations, they’ve easily acquired 100,000 new customers for free.  Now imagine what can happen if you apply this principle to your own local or small business internet marketing campaigns?

Free Ebooks, Reports, Videos

You can create downloadable ebooks, reports or videos relevant to your business.  With this method, include your website link in every single downloadable product.  For instance, you can offer a free downloadable report to your subscribers and allow them to give it away to others!  Because it’s a free offer, people are more likely to recommend it to others.  With a link to your site in the report, that means more exposure for your business and indeed free viral traffic.

Web Site Method

So many online articles that are being published nowadays consist of a button or link that reads “forward to a friend” or similar information.  With this approach, you can post an article about your niche into a single website for free publicity and still achieve a high amount of viral leads to your site. Won’t that be great?

Social Media Approach

Many people out there nowadays use social media sites like facebook to get referrals.  One click of a button by a customer informing their social network of peers they like your product, could trigger huge Viral Internet Marketing effect.  Good news spread around very quickly on social media sites.  Certainly a great way to create and develop brand awareness for your business.

Social Networking Site Images As Viral Marketing Examples

Instant Messaging Method

Instant messaging servers such as Google, Yahoo, MSN and so forth is another way to market business online acquiring viral traffic. This is one of the fastest growing methods of transmission and linking to a website.  And of course very popular.  The point is people seem to easily trust links sent by their friends by instant messaging than email.  For that reason, this method is highly effective.

Quality Product Magnetism

Providing quality products is absolutely crucial for creating viral marketing success.  While I’m stating the obvious here, many people overlook the importance of having high quality product range.  Besides, don’t we all like talking about exciting stuff or sharing interesting stories with our friends?   Well, the fact is focusing on offering something that’s innovative or has an interesting story behind it simply captivates the audience.

Incentive Packages

By offering incentives to people will highly motivate them to spread the good news about your business online and fast!  We generally like freebies here or there, don’t we?    And if the quality of a product is first class, it’s even much easier to virally generate free traffic from it.

For instance, you can offer rewards such as online contests to win prizes or free irresistible bonuses to your customers, affiliates and other webmasters. This will certainly encourage people to voluntarily promote on your behalf.

I hope you find this information very useful in growing your business. You can learn more here about Viral Internet Marketing and how to benefit from it. Until another time!

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