This page is about my recommendations of key resources needed to successfully grow business online.

(1) Hosting

For your website to be live on the internet, you need a web hosting account. But more importantly you must have a very reliable hosting. A top provider I personally recommend and use myself is Hostgator. They offer very affordable prices, excellent customer support and have been around for many years. My personal experience of using Hostgator is highly satisfactory and I feel very confident in making this recommendation. If you choose to purchase any of their packages, use my coupon code and get a discount of 25%.

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(2) Domain

In order to have a website online, you also require a domain name. This means having your own website address. You can register a domain with Goddady. The company is a major accredited provider in this industry. They really provide quality domain management system and customer support.

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(3) Email Marketing

Email marketing is still regarded as one of the best ways of reaching people online. For that reason, growing an email list of subscribers and customers is important. As you are able to build relationship with your list and periodically promote valuable offers to them. I personally use Aweber to manage my email system. In my experience, they are the best company with outstanding deliverability rates and reliable email marketing service.

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 (4) Keyword Tools

Another crucial aspect for online marketing success is doing effective keyword research. This is about knowing exactly what words your prospects are typing into the search engines (like Google) to find your type of business. By discovering relevant keywords, you can then use them to rank your website on the internet search engines. This means your site must be keyword optimised for your target audience to find you on the internet. One keyword research tool you can use (which is free) is ‘Google Keyword Tool’. Another top resource I highly recommend is ‘Wordtracker’.

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