Small Business Email Marketing Biggest Killer Mistake?

For any business, optimising sales should be high on the agenda. Recently a small business owner in my area was chatting with me about his email marketing producing low returns. Then I dropped the bombshell why he has crippling sales volume.  But what is the missing piece in the jigsaw?  I thought I should share it with you.

In a nutshell, the biggest email marketing mistake to make as a small business owner is “lack of effective Follow Up system”.  (And I will be providing some useful tips later).

That’s right!  Without having a powerful email ‘Follow Up’ system and strategy will cost you sales big time!  The bottom line is you need to ‘tactically’ chase your hot leads to win more sales!  This is a process consistently applied by many accomplished online marketers.

And when I started out online, it was one of the first things I learned how to do.  For any business, the importance of getting this part right cannot be overlooked. In fact, studies have shown that potentially around 80% of sales are lost due to lack of ‘Follow Up’.

Your sales can literally explode with powerful ‘follow up’ system……

Computer screen with email delivery and logo as a demo regarding business email marketing

So, how can you effectively implement ‘Follow Up’ to maximise sales? Here are 5 key tips:

(1) Use High Quality Autoresponder To ‘Follow UP’

You certainly require a highly reliable automated ‘follow up’ system for your small business marketing.  And that means setting up an email Autoresponder.  It allows you to store a series of ‘follow up’ messages that will automatically go out to your prospects. These are people that joined your Email List from your website but have not purchased anything yet.   In other words, they are the leads you capture online from your site.

I must emphasise that using a quality Autoresponder is so important for your small business marketing. Otherwise majority of your emails won’t get delivered. You set everything up once and the system automatically sends the ‘follow up’ emails to your prospects.  And it functions 24 hours a day on auto-pilot. Highly time-saving, quick and easy process. No hanging around your computer laboriously emailing people! How good is that?

(2) Set Up ‘Follow Up’ System To Act Immediately

Providing your offer is interesting, prospects generally buy after receiving about 6 ‘follow up’ emails. For instance, you can put 6 different email messages into your Autoresponder.  Programme your first message to automatically go out immediately.  Then set up each of the remaining messages to be sent every 2 days.  This way, you are striking your leads whilst they are hot!

(3) Educate Prospects Via ‘Follow UP’ Series

As part of your marketing campaign, your automated  ‘follow up’ emails should powerfully educate your prospects about your business to develop trust. Your target market will expect nothing less. You should also communicate the main benefits of your offer to your prospects.  It’s a case of what’s in it for them.

For example, connect emotionally with their concerns or problems via your emails. Then demonstrate that your product or service highly meets their needs.  Ensure your email series are benefit orientated without coming across aggressively.  With this approach you’ll sell more.

(4) ‘Follow Up’ Prospects With Special Incentives

Motivate your prospects through your ‘follow up’ emails with a special incentive to entice them into a sale.  In the process, create a sense of urgency but with delicacy to try and close the sale.

(5) Be Consistent With Your ‘Follow Up’ Messages

Avoid moving the goal post.   Which means you have to be consistent with your offers.  Because the last thing you need is to create confusion in your prospects minds that could discourage them from buying your stuff.

My Last Words – If you find this information useful, then it’s time to move up a notch with your small business email marketing strategies.  Remember, 80% of sales potentially go down the drain due to proper lack of ‘follow up’.  Don’t be part of this staggering statistics.  Besides, you can discover here about Email List Building and please share your ideas by leaving a comment.

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