What Is Mobile Marketing SMS In Terms Of Business Growth?

As a business owner, you should always be looking for highly productive marketing strategies to grow and boost your profits. Besides, you don’t want to be left behind by your competition. Having said that, Mobile Marketing has emerged and it’s great news for businesses.  But what is mobile marketing SMS and how can your business benefit from it?    

In a nutshell, it’s an extremely powerful cost-effective method of text messaging online or from your computer. But most importantly, it provides you with the opportunity to easily interact with your customers regarding your products or services.  Including any upcoming promotions like special discounts and sales.  And guess what?  You only have to send text messages from your computer directly to your customers’ mobile phones to inform them of your offers.  You can even connect instantly to a large group of people with this marketing method. And how amazing is that for your business?

SMS means ‘Short Message Service’. This enables you to send up to a maximum of 160 characters per text message online.  It’s the most widely used data application globally and very popular with businesses for capturing mobile phone subscribers.  As I’ve now gone through what is mobile marketing SMS, then allow me to give some key examples of how it can grow your business quickly:

Mobile marketing provides a much higher customer conversion rate than any other form of marketing. But what’s the reason why?  Simply because it has about 98% open rate, with more subscribers taking action when they receive your offers by text messages.  And if compared to emailing, the level of people opening an email newsletter is an average of approximately 22%. The fact is people nowadays cannot do without their mobile phones and will read your business SMS text announcements no matter where they are at any given time. So for that reason, conversion rate is really high and your business will grow rapidly as a result.

You can of course capture highly targeted leads (mobile phone subscribers) by providing a Mobile SMS Web Form on your website.  For example, when people visit your site, they can complete the web form by entering their name and mobile phone number for weekly updates.  But if you want to quickly and really increase the rate of people signing up, then offer a valuable free gift on the web form as an incentive.  Can you imagine what this will do for your business?

Basically, you will be able to build a massive database of loyal customers and continuously update them regarding special discounts, prize competitions, mobile coupons, product sales or whatever.  Imagine being able to do a big promotion by simply sending a text message from your computer instantly to your customers’ mobile phones? How good is that?

I hope you find this piece of information valuable and you can certainly learn more here about What Is Mobile Marketing SMS and how to easily set up a successful campaign for your business.  Please feel free to leave a comment about this post.  Until next time!

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