What Is QR Code And How Can It Benefit Your Business?

The great thing about marketing online is the flow of new opportunities that continue to emerge for business growth. QR code is another emerging marketing method now gathering serious momentum online.   So, what is QR code and how can you benefit from it as a local or small business owner?

The above abbreviation stands for ‘Quick Response code’.  This is basically a two dimensional barcode with  information embedded inside it.  And anyone that has a smartphone with a camera can scan the barcode to access the stored information in a few seconds. For instance, the scanning effect can automatically direct a mobile phone user to a linked or related website.

Now that I’ve clarified what is QR code, the next question is how exactly can it effectively work for your customers and benefit your business?

QR code with someone scanning its data using a mobile phone

Although QR code is relatively new as far as the global internet is concerned but has been around for a few years now.  This marketing method is already very big in Japan and common in the US.  In the UK where I’m based, it’s just starting to take off.  The worldwide potential is massive!    And here are some QR code marketing ideas you can potentially use to grow your local or small business linking to your website……

1. Paste QR code in press ads. In terms of advertising in the press (i.e. newspaper), you can simply place a small ad instead of a full page.  Then paste the code in your ad.  So that prospective buyers can scan it with their mobile phones and instantly link to your website for further information.  No need for them to memorize or write down your site address.  How cool is that?  For example, a gym owner can put QR code in their ads.  Then direct potential buyers to irresistible discounts regarding gym membership on their website.

2. Display the code outside your premises. Do you have a shop, office or business premises that’s ideal for displaying your offers around the entrance?  This is one of the most effective QR code marketing ideas.  Because passers-by or window shoppers can easily see the code on display.  Then scan it with their mobile phone and get directed to your website for further information. Certainly this will help increase your business Website Conversion Rate.

3. Paste QR code inside your premises. With this method, potential buyers entering your business premises can see the code on display and link to your website.  You can maybe make your code link to an interactive or demo video on your site about special offers.

4. Include code on billboards or public transport ads. This really plays a significant role in the practicality of what is QR code.  But how?  Imagine someone in a car or walking along who suddenly sees your ad pasted on a billboard or a moving bus.  If they have a mobile phone, they can easily scan your code and connect to your website for further information.  Again, no need for them to write anything down, especially if they are in a hurry to get somewhere.   For example, you can promote discount coupons  on your ad to captivate potential buyers.

5. Promote QR code on all business materials. The code can be included on things like branded company vehicles, packaged items, tickets, receipts, leaflets, mail outs and so forth.  Once again, mobile users can scan it and link to your website. This is a typical example of encouraging buyers to buy more from you through your site.  In a way, it’s a cross-selling strategy to increase sales.

In conclusion, I hope you can really see huge value in what is QR code in terms of growing your business.  And if it happens to be available where you are based, then get one created for your business. The more marketing exposure you give your code, the more potential sales through your website.  And of course the higher you can increase your site Conversion Rate. That’s it!  Please feel free to leave a comment.

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